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How long will my inspection take?

The length of the inspection will vary greatly depending on the condition of the property and the accessibility of areas. A vacant condo my take as little as an hour, but an average single-family home could take up to 4 hours. An average across the board would be 2 ½ hours onsite. Our inspectors will then spend another hour or two preparing your report.

Can I attend the inspection?

Yes, please! We prefer if you can attend the inspection 90 minutes after the inspection has started for the walk-through portion. If you are unavailable to attend at all, we can call and go over our findings with you over the phone.

Did the house pass your inspection?

We actually don’t pass or fail properties. We perform a detailed inspection and provide you with accurate information regarding any major defects and the age and condition of components and systems, allowing you to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Can you see inside walls?

We cannot (though that means we aren’t allergic to kryptonite either). We do, however, use a thermal imaging camera that can suggest what is going on behind a wall, ceiling, or floor. This is a great tool to help locate hidden plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion, missing insulation, and overheating electrical components. Using this tool in conjunction with a moisture meter can usually provide a good read on hidden activity.

Can I bring my uncle/sister/brother-in-law/friend who used to be contractor/electrician/plumber to the inspection?

Of course! The more eyes the better. If your associate turns out to be highly skilled, experienced, and is a great communicator, we may even offer them a job.

For additional questions, please reach out to us directly at 612-469-9707 or submit your question via email.