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Guest Article: Home Inspections From A Realtor’s Point-Of-View

(Written by Realtor Charlie LeFebvre)

Being asked to contribute to a blog from one of my go-to inspectors, I pondered what the heck should I write about?! Well, if this is going to be posted on a home inspector’s website, why don’t I write about home inspections and what a buyer should (or should not) ask for when they receive the inspection report.

Opting For A Home Inspection

First off, do you need to get a home inspection when purchasing a home? As a realtor, I cannot force any of my buyers into getting an inspection, however I STRONGLY encourage it!

Please remember, you as a buyer are the one responsible for paying for the inspection. An average home inspection typically runs about $350 to $400. I always tell my buying clients that $350 is cheap compared to if they forgo the inspection and down the road they discover mold in the walls or structural and safety issues.

Which brings up another point: the home inspection is to make sure that there are no structural or safety issues! Yes, there may be cosmetic items listed on the inspection report, however possible water in the basement is more of a priority than a scuff mark on a wall!

Receiving The Inspection Report

Okay, so you have had your inspection, you receive your report back—now what?? One of the main things I see in reports and questions my clients have is about the age of appliances. If the appliance is old but still in working condition, please don’t request the homeowner to replace it!

An analogy I tell my clients is to remember when they were 16 and got their driver’s license. Did they go to the car lot and buy the newest, state-of-the-art automobile, or were they driving an old hand-me-down that got them from point A to point B? The point is old does not mean broken.

I ran into a similar issue this past summer. My client purchased a home and the air conditioning unit was nearing the end of its lifespan. It still ran and blew cold air, but the efficiency was not the best. They were adamant on making the owner put in a new AC unit, however, since the AC was still working, the seller would not even consider replacing the unit.

I suggested we at least request a tune-up and further inspection from a licensed HVAC Tech. Needless to say, after adding a little coolant, it ran like a dream!


Also, remember—when reviewing your report—trust your realtor. We know what to ask for and we are always looking out for our client’s best interest.


Charlie LeFebvre

Realtor, proudly licensed with Coldwell Banker Burnet