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How To Make Your Rooms Look (And Feel) Bigger

How To Make Your Rooms Look (And Feel) Bigger

We all want more space in our homes, and while room layouts may be restricting, there are a few ways to give off the impression of a larger space without knocking down walls or installing more windows.


Using mirrors helps create a larger space in two ways: Mirrors will spread light, creating a brighter, more open feel. Mirrors also trick the eye into thinking there’s more space behnd a wall than there actually is.

Place mirrors near or opposite windows, or use large mirrors on the wall above a bed or couch to create a point that both attracts the eye and centers the room.

Light Colors

Lighter colors like white, light gray, beige, and soft blues and greens give a room an open, airy feel. Use more light colors on your walls, floors, ceiling, trim and furniture to allow light to bounce and move throughout a room, opening it up as the light moves along.


Opening your shades and blinds and leaving windows unobstructed can give a room a natural depth. Opened windows also let in lots of light, which helps make a room feel expansive.

If you opt for curtains, find curtains that are the same or a similar shade of color as the wall. Longer floor-to-ceiling curtains also help a room look tall and spacious.

make a small space feel bigger

If you don’t have many windows or your windows are small, add a few lamps around the room to add that needed brightness.

Clean up

Put away things that don’t belong out in the open, like clothes, toys, storage bins, and papers. Hide CDs and DVDs in drawers or a shelf with a door, and limit the small trinkets that are easy to line a mantle with.

If you haven’t used something in a year or a piece of furniture like a side table is in the way and out of place, consider selling or donating to free up space.


Furniture selection is restricted by the layout of the room, doorways and windows, but there are a few rules you can follow to help create the impression of wide spaces.

Buy couches, tables and ottomans with exposed legs instead of pieces that have leg curtains or sit directly on the floor. Exposed legs and feet give the impression of empty area.

little room seem larger furniture legs

Most of the time, you should swap out bulky furniture for smaller, thinner pieces. Some room layouts, however, would fare better with tall shelves or a large focal piece, like a couch, surrounded by smaller furniture.

Mounting TVs and trading big TV stands for smaller shelves can physically give more living space and area to walk through.


Small decorative pieces like vases and plants make a room look cluttered. Opt for décor pieces that are larger than 10 inches and match and contrast them evenly for an organized, clean look.

make a cramped space look more space clutter

If you have open shelves, leave a bit of space around the books or décor to remove that cramped feel. Exposed walls make a room look larger, so avoid putting up too many pictures or art on the walls.