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House Prep To Make Your Visitors Happy

House Prep To Make Your Visitors Happy

So you’re expecting guests. You have your hair combed and your party pants on, but what about your house? There are a lot of little things you can do to make your visitors’ experiences better, and some of them only take a few seconds.

Make your house numbers visible

GPS works well but when the route ends, it may be tough to know exactly which house is yours. Make sure the light bulbs are working near your house numbers on the outside of your house.

Provide parking

Have a garage? Park inside (clean up your garage if you need to) so guests can park in your driveway. Let your guests know where they can park ahead of time.

(Tip: Only have street parking? If you’re a really good host, park your car on the street outside of your house to save a spot, then move your car down the road so your guests can have the VIP area.)

Keep entryways clear

Ever stumble through shoes and umbrella stands when entering a home? Move obstacle and clutter for a big and open welcome.

Have a place for shoes and coats

If you’re expecting a big crowd, clear out the front closet and add some extra hangers for coats and jackets.

(Tip: Rainy day? Get a plastic boot tray for wet shoes and put it as close to the door as possible to avoid wet socks.)


No one likes having to move toys and old paper out of the way to set their drink down. Get that junk out of there. Plus, a de-clutterd home can make your rooms look and feel larger.

Dust and vacuum

Lots of people have allergies to dust and pet dander. Don’t stop at the bookshelf—allergens are in the carpet, couches and on the curtains, too.

(Tip: Don’t forget to dust the top of the blades of the ceiling fan!)

Smell test

Be aware if your house has a funny smell. Sometimes you can get rid of it by deep cleaning and taking out the trash. If nothing else, light a candle.

Prep for small children

If you’re expecting small children, block or remove anything with sharp corners like shelves and decor. You should also put away valuables and close doors to off-limits rooms.

Make sure AC and heat are working

You may not use either, but if a guest asks to turn on the heat or turn on the air conditioning, you’ll want to make sure it’s working (and can get it fixed in time for your visitors).

Food and drinks

Whether you plan on serving your guests or just want to have some ready in case they ask, have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ready as well as foods that can fit in diets, like gluten-free or dairy-free dishes and snacks.

Have extra toilet paper

There are few things worse than being in a foreign bathroom with no toilet paper. Stock up and set out extra rolls of toilet paper before visitors arrive.

Have a toilet plunger in every bathroom

The same goes for plungers—have one in every bathroom so guests don’t have to awkwardly text you from the powder room.

Set out your Wi-Fi password

If your Wi-Fi is password-protected, write it down and leave it in the coffee table for guests to use, or create password specifically for the night.

Have phone chargers ready

If you have phone chargers for iPhones (both old and new versions) and Android phones, set them out so they’re accessible for those low batteries.